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My work


Personal projects I worked on.

Astro Drift
Action - 2023
Floppa run
Arcade - 2021
Late Night Shopping
Adventure - 2023
Roblox UGC
3D Modeling - 2023
Programming - 2021
3D modeling - 2021


Featured Game Trailer.

About me / Contact

Hi, My name is Milan, I am 20 years old and live in the Netherlands.

I started my study of Software Development in 2020 and started my self study of Unity/C# and Blender in 2021.

I originaly started with web-development until I came across 3D art and Game Development.

Some of my hobbies are Skateboarding, playing piano, listening to music, Game development and 3D art, you can find some of my projects here on my portfolio and on different storepages.

For inquiries, contact me at: